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A Confession and Some Doomed Projects

3 Feb

Contrary to how it seems from the title this is not going to be a depressing post.  I promise. The confession is that despite the fact the I spend a crazy amount of time sewing, half of my job is sewing, my hobby is sewing, I went to fashion design school blah, blah, blah I have never in my life used a commercial pattern.  In fact I am afraid of them.

If I make my own pattern I know what I’m getting.  I know I haven’t wasted any gorgeous fabric on a garment that isn’t going to fit right or look good on me.  I read a bunch of sewing blogs like We Sew Retro and lately I have been getting curious.  I have also been noticing how time consuming it is to make new patterns all the time.

The other problem is that being a fashion designer by trade when people ask me if I made something I’m wearing and I say yes I want to have really made it.  Using someone else’s pattern seems like cheating.  Is this weird? No matter. I’m weird, why shouldn’t my sewing compass of morality be weird too.

That being said my lovely Aunt gave me a bunch of patterns a while ago and I’ve just had a look through them and picked out a few that look makeable.

Now most likely these will never get made, but it would save me so much time not to have to make a pattern every time I want to make a new dress so you never know.  I have to say I love the vintage-y illustrations.  Also most of these seem pretty simple to make.  They seem to take up a HUGE amount of fabric though.  Perhaps because I am broke and stingy I just make patterns to use the least amount of fabric possible.  For example I would never make anything without shoulder seams.  I usually buy 2m of fabric per dress, 3 if I’m feeling extravagant.  The kimono dress take 7. Gulp.

peanut butter

Oh I also got gifted some peanut butter today. mmm peanutty randomness

vintage sewing pattern

This is a pretty serious contender. I love the mixed prints on the middle view. Although it is pretty clear that views 1 and 3 think view 2 can’t really sing as well as she thinks she can.

vintage dress pattern

This kimono sleeve/ neckline combo is always a win. I would shorten it though I tend to get lost in long dresses.

Vintage sewing pattern

Accessories! I loathe making bag patterns, and I’m for sure making the top belt in some really funky yet-to-be-bought fabric.

vintage sundress pattern

Sundress with huge pockets? Yes please! If the pockets are not big enough to keep kittens in than they need to be bigger. (I learned this from a friend at design school, and I assume she is correct.)

vintage sewing pattern

I’m kind of dying over the illustrations on this one. I want all of these outfits. ALL of them. In orange. With the shoes. And I want her legs. I’ll finish this post later, I’ve got to visit the gym.

Well that is the tour of things I am probably never going to make.  Maybe I will come out of left field of this one and surprise myself.  I am always surprising myself.  The other day I found a pair of socks in my freezer.  Have a Happy Super Bowl everyone!