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Two Weddings and Birthday

30 Jan

I went over to Vancouver Island yesterday for my Dad’s hmm-umph th birthday.  It’s always so nice to go over there.  I can feel time slow down as soon as I get off the ferry and the frantic hustle of life settle itself into a low murmur.  We had a lovely day visiting old friends, and I got to see the new boat that my Dad is fixing up.  (I like old dresses and he likes old things with motors.)

The totally awesome thing that happened that I am about to get to was that my Aunt had found my Grandmother’s and other Aunt’s wedding dresses from 1936 and 1959 respectively.  My sister fit quite perfectly into my grandma’s dress despite it being a bit too short.  The dress is silk (I’m pretty sure) and the skirt is cut on the bias.  It has a bias cut slip that goes underneath that I think would make a pretty dress on its own.  There are I don’t know how many little buttons going all the way down the front to the floor. It was pretty wrinkled from being in a garment bag for seventy-odd years and the buttons are decontructing but other wise it is in pretty good shape.

1930's wedding dressDSCF3455  DSCF3457 DSCF3458 wedding photo

My grandmother in the dress on her wedding day.  She looks very petite in this picture, but I think she must have been taller than we thought as her dress nearly fits my 5’8″ sister and shoes couldn’t have been that tall in the 30’s.

I have the dress in my apartment now and I am going to make a pattern from it before it deconstructs completely.  I am so excited about this project.  30’s garments are not easy to come by and I don’t think I have ever got my hands on one before.  I think that once I have made the pattern for posterity I might be able to finagle it into a very cute dress.  I love the little collar and the bust treatment, and I am a total sucker for lots of buttons. I am thinking knee-length and cap sleeves in a rayon or something with a bit of drape.  Thoughts? How would you change this pattern to make it a wearable day dress?

On to more dresses.  This one was my Aunt’s first wedding dress when she was very young.  I absolutely love it and would definitely attempt to wear it if I was the marrying type, which I am not.  I think I might make something with asymmetrical tiers though.  That detail is just so pretty.

DSCF3461 IMG_1123

Terribly romantic isn’t it? That’s actually me in the back view, the dress fit me a little better being that me and my Aunt are of slightly curvier stock than my sister.  I couldn’t post the front picture of me the dress because I am making this weird cock-eyed expression that is halfway between ‘is it morning already?’ and ‘homicidal rage’.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my family history tour.  Do any of you have any family heirlooms of the dress variety? I would love to hear about them.

I will keep up the posts along my pattern making adventure.  I hope to eventually have a dress in my wardrobe in homage to each of them.