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Two Christmas Dresses (with proper pictures)

6 Jan

A Sewing Machine and an Umbrella is proud to present… much better photos that should have been in that last post.

This was my first attempt at Victory rolls, and I have to say they are much more difficult than I had hoped.  I am not really a ‘hair’ person.  I usually spend my time putting together an outfit and then stick my hair on top of my head and swipe on some mascara.  I really love this hair style though, and I hope to one day be competent at it.  I spent a bunch of time looking at internet tutorials, the best of which, in my opinion is by Fleur over at Diary of a Vintage Girl.  Does anyone do this on a regular basis? Any tips?

vintage inspired look

vintage inspired cotton dress


Fleece lined Pockets!

Fleece lined Pockets!


I used some brown and white fleece to make the pocket bags and do the binding on the inside.  I think warm fuzzy pockets are a very important feature in a dress that is going to be worn in December in Vancouver.  Not that is gets that cold here, more so depressing.  I think that is the best way to describe winter in Vancouver two degrees with a chance of depressing.  Fuzzy pockets help.

vintage chtistmas dress

IMG_4922Stupid tag sticking out the back! That particular tag is the most persistent little bugger.

IMG_4931The fabric close up.  The colour is truer in the other pictures, it came out a little more red here for reason that only the camera gods can understand.

So that’s Christmas dresses.  Now onto spring!


Easter Dress

9 Apr

I mentioned yesterday that I made a dress that was not so much to wear on easter as it was made of easter.  Still there are much worse things to be made of.  Like labour day or 70’s era polyester.

Comments I have thus far received on this dress:

“awesome”- from my sister (who is awesome, and doesn’t like to stifle my creativity, for better or worse)

“maybe you should start a line of clothing for kindergarten teachers” from my mother

“bewildered stare” from about 20 ferry passengers (please note bewildered stare was not so much a comment as an actual bewildered stare

and ‘nothing’ from my boss, although I’m sure she just too busy trying to calm her doubts about hiring a girl who would wear a yellow rabbit and easter egg dress to work like it was a just another pant suit.

dress made of easter

What I have found about wearing a dress made of easter (or, I assume, any other holiday) is that one cannot take themselves too seriously or look grumpy.  A dress made of holiday must at all times be worn with a self-depreciating smile that precludes grumpiness.  For this reason there are several people, mostly politicians, who I would like to see wear this dress.  What a terrible time not to have photoshop.  If anyone out there does have photoshop and could put this dress on Stephen Harper or Newt Gingrich I would award  you one billion cool points and a stuffed octopus*.  Thank You.


*Please note Tassie may or may not possess, or have the ability to obtain said octopus