Two (or actually one and a half) Christmas Dresses

4 Jan

Hello Blogoworld! (I like that better than blogosphere I think.) I hope you all had a great holiday and got to eat food with loved ones, and didn’t do what I did and drink ALL THE CHAMPAGNE on new years.  Seriously, don’t try to buy any.  It’s gone.

I have here a not very good blog post.  You still with me?  Aww thanks.  I just wanted to do something to get me back into blogging so instead of putting it off until I happened to be wearing makeup and had someone around to take the perfect picture.  I tend to go from zero to sweat pants the second I get home and have a hard time getting out of them again which makes it hard to get pictures of party dresses.

vintage inspired dress

Ok so slightly grainy camera phone picture but we shall move past that for the moment.  The fabric has little birds and berries on it, and I became completely obsessed with it back in October.  I had one of those occurences where you don’t buy something and then you spend three weeks thinking about it so you know it’s meant to be.

I used a irridescent purple taffeta for the flappy wing details (technical term people) and belt.  This is the first belt I have made from one of those little vintage kits.  I maybe didn’t pick the easiest fabric to work with as the taffeta frayed quite easily but the project was definitely doable.  The only problem I had was that they give you this little double-sided sticky thing to adhere the fabric to the buckle and it was all dried out from age so I made a new one from layers of double-sided tape.

Has anyone used one of those kits?  Do they all use the same method? I feel like there must be another way to cover the buckle.


This is the half a dress, because as you can clearly see, I have not photographed the bottom.  The fabric was an amazing kitschy vintage Christmas print.  It has little story books, poinsettia lamps, and snow flakes- J’amie! I shall take much better pictures of this dress and a close-up of the print because I need to share my crazy pattern pride.

Last year I saw someone on Sew Retro with a really kick ass Christmas print shirtwaist and I thought ‘I gotta get me one of those’.  The sad part is I finished sewing this on Dec 23rd so I only got to wear it once until next year. Sad panda 😦

Ok so that was my fairly paltry blogging effort for 2013, but I kind of feel into blogging again so that was the point I think.  I hope everyone out there has a happy, healthy, hilarious 2013.


Scarlett O’Hara or Woman on the Verge

5 Sep

I, like most people*,  spend a lot of time trying to discern if I have in fact lost my marbles or if there is any chance that this is how a human being might actually behave.   I wonder if I am pawning behavior off on an ‘artistic temperament’ that is actually nothing more than stone cold crazy.  If I am indeed crazy should I do anything about it?  Medication? Vacation? Years of therapy? I don’t believe that I can afford any of those.  What I can afford is Ikea fabric that was left over from my new curtains.  Can I pawn crazy off on poverty?  Probably not.

Crazy or no.  Here is my new skirt.  It is very bright green.  It has massive flowers/ cabbages/ pod people on it.  It has a dwindling number of Geisha buttons (stupid crowded bus).  It is kind of crazy.  But it is also awesome. I’m not going to be one of those people who seems normal but then screams at you in a hasty mart at 3am for taking too long to pay for cheezies.  Nope, I am going to wear my crazy on the outside.  With pride.

green ikea fabric half circle circle

Not the best picture, but waiting for photographic perfection was not turning out a whole lot of blog posts.

closeup of green skirt with geisha buttons

I am extraordinarily fond of these buttons.  I hope the one that got lost on the bus was picked up by a curious child or a magpie-like old lady and not merely vacuumed.

curtains made from green Ikea fabric

Here are the curtains.  The first and last pair I will ever sew.  And yes, I do own a gumball machine.  I gave it to the boyfriend for Christmas one year.  I believe he would have been happy with a sweater but I felt like a gumball machine was the more practical choice.

(* No? Really? Darn.)

Victoria Day Skirt (Of the tilt your head and squint variety)

22 May

As a part of my recent initiative to make an outfit for all holidays I made this Victoria Day Skirt.  You kind of have to work with me here on how this is for Victoria Day, pretty much I typed ‘Victoria’ into the search box in the fabric section on Etsy and I ended up falling in love with this.  It’s a print from the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is a bit of a stretch  for a stunt skirt but I couldn’t not buy it.  Hiding in this picture you can also see two of my other current projects, and one weird-ass cat hangar that I consider sewing-room art.

Also try as one might it is nearly impossible to find fabric printed with little images of Queen Victoria so my options were limited.  I was planning of making buttons out of some left over British change but it never happened.  Are you even allowed to make money into buttons?  Or is it like cutting up a flag where the government sends dudes in black to take you out as you wait for the bus?

Easter Dress

9 Apr

I mentioned yesterday that I made a dress that was not so much to wear on easter as it was made of easter.  Still there are much worse things to be made of.  Like labour day or 70’s era polyester.

Comments I have thus far received on this dress:

“awesome”- from my sister (who is awesome, and doesn’t like to stifle my creativity, for better or worse)

“maybe you should start a line of clothing for kindergarten teachers” from my mother

“bewildered stare” from about 20 ferry passengers (please note bewildered stare was not so much a comment as an actual bewildered stare

and ‘nothing’ from my boss, although I’m sure she just too busy trying to calm her doubts about hiring a girl who would wear a yellow rabbit and easter egg dress to work like it was a just another pant suit.

dress made of easter

What I have found about wearing a dress made of easter (or, I assume, any other holiday) is that one cannot take themselves too seriously or look grumpy.  A dress made of holiday must at all times be worn with a self-depreciating smile that precludes grumpiness.  For this reason there are several people, mostly politicians, who I would like to see wear this dress.  What a terrible time not to have photoshop.  If anyone out there does have photoshop and could put this dress on Stephen Harper or Newt Gingrich I would award  you one billion cool points and a stuffed octopus*.  Thank You.


*Please note Tassie may or may not possess, or have the ability to obtain said octopus

Gratuitous Etsy Lurking Easter Fabric Post

8 Apr

Hello Internets.  First of all, happy (insert holiday here) to those of you who may observe/ celebrate/ tolerate said holiday.  Not being prone to religion myself I still try to celebrate anything celebratable that may come my way.  especially if it includes chocolate or motzo.  I did make an Easter dress this year.  (Not so much a dress to wear on Easter, but a dress covered in Easter).   However,  I have thus far been to lazy to actually photograph the durn thing despite wearing it all day Friday during which people in the Ferry stared at me and my mother suggested that I might want to start a business making clothes for kindergarten teachers.  It is coming though, I promise.  That being said here are my awesome Etsy let’s-make-a-stunt-dress fabric picks.

These bunnies look a little sad.  Maybe they would like to be a shirt dress?

Rabbit chandelier anyone?

I love toile, and I love really bad monster movies.  Clearly those giant rabbits are plotting how to best ambush and devour the inhabitants of that house.


 Jelly beans! Need I say more?


 I am in loooove with these buttons.

And there you have it.  Ridiculous dress coming soon.

Oh Right Yes I have a Blog

2 Apr

Hullo Internets!  I feel like I should post something because I generally keep abandoning this blog to do really important things like watch really old episodes of Mythbusters with my boyfriend which is clearly a) really worthwhile and b) a priority.  I am currently procrastinating feeding my frog. Yes, that is right, I have a frog and she is immortal but enough about that.  Here are some dresses:

Also this…

Sooo these are two out of three dresses that are comprising the first season of my little clothing line The Crow and Gate.  Exciting!  I am starting extremely small (were talking a company with $200 worth of start-up costs here people) and it will probably mostly be Etsy based but these dresses are going to be in Blushing Boutique a lovely Vancouver dress shop (and my former employer).  They also have a pretty cute little blog (which is the main reason this blog has been neglected)

Here’s my logo.  My very talented sister and her cohorts at Cassia Creative made it for me.  Yes she is aware she gave the crows people feet.  We both like them that way.

A Post By Any Other Name

22 Feb

Do you remember this dress that I posted about a looooong time ago?

Well, when I made the dress I also started making a matching jacket to go with it but of course that didn’t get done.  The poor thing sat the ‘I’ll do it later’ basket in my sewing room growing more and more morose.  Occasionally I would spare it a few words of encouragement such as “oh right this, I should finish this”, but generally it was a pretty depressing time to be a half finished jacket.

Basically the idea was to turn my sleeveless dress into a not-so-sleeveless dress for occasions of incliment weather.  I used some white vintage rick rack with gold threads in it for the sleeves and neck which was almost as fun as saying ‘rick rack’ but not quite.

Extra karma points to anyone who spots my neon chartreuse panda print PJ pants sticking out the bottom of my skirt but doesn’t comment.