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Victoria Day Skirt (Of the tilt your head and squint variety)

22 May

As a part of my recent initiative to make an outfit for all holidays I made this Victoria Day Skirt.  You kind of have to work with me here on how this is for Victoria Day, pretty much I typed ‘Victoria’ into the search box in the fabric section on Etsy and I ended up falling in love with this.  It’s a print from the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is a bit of a stretch  for a stunt skirt but I couldn’t not buy it.  Hiding in this picture you can also see two of my other current projects, and one weird-ass cat hangar that I consider sewing-room art.

Also try as one might it is nearly impossible to find fabric printed with little images of Queen Victoria so my options were limited.  I was planning of making buttons out of some left over British change but it never happened.  Are you even allowed to make money into buttons?  Or is it like cutting up a flag where the government sends dudes in black to take you out as you wait for the bus?