Oh Right Yes I have a Blog

2 Apr

Hullo Internets!  I feel like I should post something because I generally keep abandoning this blog to do really important things like watch really old episodes of Mythbusters with my boyfriend which is clearly a) really worthwhile and b) a priority.  I am currently procrastinating feeding my frog. Yes, that is right, I have a frog and she is immortal but enough about that.  Here are some dresses:

Also this…

Sooo these are two out of three dresses that are comprising the first season of my little clothing line The Crow and Gate.  Exciting!  I am starting extremely small (were talking a company with $200 worth of start-up costs here people) and it will probably mostly be Etsy based but these dresses are going to be in Blushing Boutique a lovely Vancouver dress shop (and my former employer).  They also have a pretty cute little blog (which is the main reason this blog has been neglected) blushingbtique.wordpress.com.

Here’s my logo.  My very talented sister and her cohorts at Cassia Creative made it for me.  Yes she is aware she gave the crows people feet.  We both like them that way.

One Response to “Oh Right Yes I have a Blog”

  1. peggy April 11, 2012 at 7:32 am #

    Oh………………….. My…………………………….Goodness !!!!!
    The Poppies !!!!!!

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