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A Post By Any Other Name

22 Feb

Do you remember this dress that I posted about a looooong time ago?

Well, when I made the dress I also started making a matching jacket to go with it but of course that didn’t get done.  The poor thing sat the ‘I’ll do it later’ basket in my sewing room growing more and more morose.  Occasionally I would spare it a few words of encouragement such as “oh right this, I should finish this”, but generally it was a pretty depressing time to be a half finished jacket.

Basically the idea was to turn my sleeveless dress into a not-so-sleeveless dress for occasions of incliment weather.  I used some white vintage rick rack with gold threads in it for the sleeves and neck which was almost as fun as saying ‘rick rack’ but not quite.

Extra karma points to anyone who spots my neon chartreuse panda print PJ pants sticking out the bottom of my skirt but doesn’t comment.


Remnants of Chirstmas Sewing

22 Feb

Due to brokeness I decided to make all my presents this holiday.  Bascially I put out a collection.  I made three jackets, two dresses, an apron, a night gown, four scarves, and bally knows what else.  Of course I planned to photograph them all and of course I did not, but due to two rounds of alterations I still have this in my possesion.  It’s a wool jacket I made for my dad.  I used a plaid wool my destashing aunt gave me and some lining fabric from the endless series of nearly identical lining fabric my project advisor at FIT caused me to buy because she kept not liking any of them until she finally settled on the first.  Seriously. True story. I might add for catharsis’s sake that she also made me change a collar on a coat six or seven times before deciding on- I kid you not- the original collar.

My favorite part is the buttons which I made myself out of an old leather belt. Turns out I have got to a place in my neuroses where I can’t look at anything without thinking ‘how can I make this into clothes’.  Oh well at least I’m not making bombs.


Why I am the Luckiest Girl in the World

1 Feb

This post may contain type shouting. Reader discretion is advised.

Ok so this is not going to be one of those luckiest girl in the world posts where I wax poetic about my amazing family (although they are) and my cushion-y first world life and how I found a new appreciation for blah blah blah. No I am the luckiest girl in the world because while searching for christmas lights in my basement this holiday.  I FOUND THIS.

Do you know what it is yet?  Do you understand where I’m coming from?  This was JUST SITTING IN MY BASEMENT.  Seriously.  JUST SITTING IN MY BASEMENT.  I don’t know what to do about this.  I phoned my dad and I was like DO YOU KNOW WHAT I JUST FOUND JUST SITTING IN THE BASEMENT?!?   And he said ‘yeah I used to use that to repair sails on the boat’.  Ok dad so your daughter is clearly obsessed with both sewing and vintage items and you never thought to mention that THERE IS A GORGEOUS HUNDERED YEAR OLD SEWING MACHINE JUST SITTING IN THE BASEMENT.  Break while I breathe into a paper bag.

Isn’t she bee-you-ti-full?  I got a couple stitches out of her before the bobbin ran out and once removed I cannot get the crazy bullet bobbin case back into the machine.  I need a sewing machine medic.  Unfortunaly that search has been put on hold but I intend to resume it fairly soon as I have a project in mind for this machine, more on that later.   According to the serial number she was born in 1912. Happy 100th old girl.  Boy do I wish you could give a toast, you must have quite the story to tell.

Short Note About Ikea and its Inherent Awesomeness

1 Feb

I recently found myself in need of some pattern weights.  I just cut out a whole collection using a decorative bowl filled with pistachios to hold my patterns pieces flat.  Yes I know I’m ghetto, we don’t really need to discuss it.  I read on a fellow sewing person’s blog that she uses large washers that she got for 20 cents each and I thought I want on this boat.  Alas, after wandering haplessly around the auto store unearthing nothing more than too small washers and weird looks from the burly guys buying half inch pipe and large crescent wrenches I knew I needed a new plan.

Long story short I found these.

This is a tea light/ candle holder, cost 79 cents and along with four of it’s bretheren is my new solution to pattern weights. Boo Yah!