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First of Many Long Overdue Posts

27 Jan

Hello again interwebs.  I know that I have abandoned you.  My excuses are numerous and varied.  The top five are thus:

1) For a long time I didn’t have anything to say, and I am not one to talk just to hear the sound of my voice, mainly because growing up my sister would just talk over it.

2) Christmas.  Nuff said.

3) Dr Who marathon.  Also nuff said.

4) Despite what is written in my day planner, and whatever my friends might say, I am in fact kind of lazy.

5) The final and most exciting reason I have abandoned the interwebs in a cold pool of their own tears is that I am starting my own little line of clothing.  My lovely boss is letting my sell it in her store Blushing Boutique .  If you are in Vancouver you should some visit. More on that later.

So Onward to postings!

This winter break I happened to find myself in New York for new years. Not because I was going to go anywhere near Times Square without a rabid sasquatch holding a loaded potato cannon to my head, but because I my uncle up and decided to get married out of the blue- kids these days right?  It was a lovely wedding and I got to reconnect with some long lost family, and see the Daphne Guiness exhibit at the museum at FIT which was amazing. If you are in New York and love fashion do not miss.  And, of course, I did some fabric shopping…

I got all of these little beauties at The City Quilter in midtown.

I don’t know where the weird criss cross pattern in this picture came from.  Probably ghosts.  I love the little humming birds and spider webs, which hopefully are visible.

I think this is going to be a shirt dress.  I had wanted to make a circle skirt so the lines would make that nice bias curve, but I realized that the little vines are obviously supposed to be climbing up and I need to respect that.

Large pianos

I have been wanting this fabric ever since I left New York without it.  It is going to be my souvenir, y’know besides the permanent under eye circles and the ability to walk ruthlessly.  My home is right there -the red line at 28th st.

Last but not least there is this. Sigh. J’aime.

This concludes our tour of my shopping spree.  Please take all of you belongings with you as you exit the bus.