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Tales of Procrastination and Yellow Roses

11 Dec

After a slight obsession with this dress lasting many a moon, I found myself with so many things to do that my only choice was for spend half an hour doodling around etsy.  I luuuurve this fabric, and I really want this dress but I think I might opt for a more mass transit friendly skirt.  Here are all the pretty yellow rose options I found on etsy.

Sigh… Alright I am going to bite the bullet and go write my cover letter now.  Or watch Dr Who.


Come on Bus, Do Your Stuff!

3 Dec

So it has come to my attention that me and Miss Frizzle of Magic Schoolbus fame kind of have the same sense of style.  Which I have decided is awesome.  I am going to have to so upstairs to the storage room of doom and see it I can dig out my old Magic Schoolbus books.  They were the best, but I don’t think I paid any attention to what anyone was wearing the first time around.  Miss Frizzle seems like a pretty awesome role model sartorial or otherwise.  I think my next project (number 281 on the list) will be science themed shirtdress.

Seriously, I really want this dress.

K just had to add this in case there are other geeks out there who would wish to geek out over this.  Also, where do I get a shirtdress with sonic screwdrivers on it because I need one.

Water Lillies

1 Dec

I finally finished this dress!  I say finally not because I was strapped for time, or it was that labour intensive (which it was a little), but because I went to the fabric store three times before I remembered to buy black serger thread, which is, of course, what I went there for in the first place.  All three times.  Seriously am I getting senile?  I hear older people talking about  how they went upstairs to get something and then forgot what they went up to get and I’m like ‘oh don’t worry I do that all the time’.

I made this one out of an a sarong someone gave me a long time ago.  I like the idea that the fabric has been to warm and sunny places.  I think that’s the reason I like vintage so much, I love to imagine all the places that a garment has been and all the things it has seen.  This one is a little big in the bust for me so I am releasing it Etsy in the hopes that some more well endowed gal will take it home and love it.  This will be the first dress I post on Etsy, and if someone buys it the first dress I sell as a graduated fashion designer.  Exciting!

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