Rose Coloured Contacts

16 Nov

I bought this fabric in NY for TWO DOLLARS A YARD!  And I know I am systematically opposed to type shouting, but this was six months ago and I am still so happy about it.  Naturally I bought a ton of it, and naturally I felt bad about how heavy it was when I had to ship it back to Vancouver, and naturally the resulting dress has a very  large skirt.  Lets face it, I am well aware that my love of circle skirts is the only thing between me and all out hipsterdom and I am going to cling to that fact like a fat guy clinging to the last bag of Cheetos.

I may still make a belt for it.  I am a sucker for a good belt and for some reason none of the fifty-something I already own seem to work.  Ah first-world problems.  I think this will be my new ‘happy’ dress.  You know that one thing you own that makes you forget all your problems and go twirling around a dirty subway station like it’s a meadow in the Alps?

Disclaimer: Absolutely no offense was meant to any fat guys or their Cheetos, I have myself at times been known to cling to snack foods with an unholy vice-like grip.  It was just a convenient simile.


2 Responses to “Rose Coloured Contacts”

  1. Summerflies November 17, 2011 at 6:59 pm #

    I love this fabric and I can’t believe it was $2 a yard. I wish I was there I would have shipped it to Australia! Your dress looks fabulous and perfect for this fabric.


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