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30 Nov

I finally got my butt together and set up my Etsy store.  Yayyyy!  I am getting my feet wet by selling some jewelry I have made and a vintage piece or two but I hope to start putting up more dresses in a couple of days.  Does anybody out there do Etsy?  Any hot tips?


Bangers anyone? Mash?

27 Nov

Yesterday I found myself unable to resist the gravitational pull of the fabric store and ended up purchasing this.

When am I going to learn to walk six or seven blocks out of my way in the pouring rain so as not to go anywhere near purchasable fabric?  Must work on that.  I am also not sure when I became such an anglophile.  I lived in London for what, a summer?  Although I have been obsessed with the phone booths since I was a small child.  I just don’t see why ordinary things can’t also be aesthetically  pleasing.  Life would be so much more fun if people put the kind of design into things that they used to (ok grandma moment) but lets take a moment and talk about cash registers.

Look how pretty!  How much fun would it be to work with one of these?  But I am wandering off the point.  I want to make this dress with a back cut out that will close with two buttons and the top.  So clearly I need to stay on theme, thus begins my perilous and unending search for union jack buttons that I can afford.  Etsy turned up these from seller titchables

These are so awesome, but not affordable if you are me and make as close as one can get to no money without actually being a houseplant.

Ebay had these tidbits of gloriousness, but once you add shipping from Great Britain, again too many monies.  Perhaps I shall retreat to that old standby of the cash strapped and try to make some myself.  Maybe get white buttons and paint them?  Do something tricksy with ribbons? Give up altogether because if I don’t I will not wear this dress until the next ice age and it will not be weather appropriate?  So much to ponder.

The Night Has a Thousand Eyes

26 Nov

Apologies to anyone who now has that song stuck in their head, but it is a necessary evil as I have finished the crazy halloween eye fabric dress.

I wanted to make a very demure LBD with this because of the fact that it’s, y’know, crazy halloween eye fabric.  I also plan to wear it with pearls.

There is a kind of weird glare coming from stage right, a ghost perhaps?.   But there she is.  And I am totally done making this pattern, I am moving on.  Ok I have one more dress cut out (purple with huge yellow flowers) but then I am definitely going to draft something else. I did have a better picture of the belt but WordPress is being tricksy tonight (I blame the ghost), so I give up.  The belt was super fun to make although I might re-do the bow so I can get a large eye centered on each side so my bow can stare down with malice anyone I find annoying.  Watch out world, I’ve got me a blog ghost and a lurking bow.  If only I had some sort of foe to defeat.  Must spend more time as a character in juvenile fiction.  ‘Tassie Vicars and the Bow of Malice’?  I could be a kickass pre-teen outcast who has to do battle with some evil spirits she encounters while cleaning her grandmother’s potting shed.  I could wear different dresses that have magical powers like the one with eyes could see into the future and the one with roosters could scare off basilisks.  On second thought perhaps I’d better stick to my day job.

Linky Loo

19 Nov

Today I shall be participating in a linky party over at sew country chick .  You can find my crazy blabberings about bird dresses as well as many stories from creative and crafty types from all over the blogosphere.  Happy clicking.

Rose Coloured Contacts

16 Nov

I bought this fabric in NY for TWO DOLLARS A YARD!  And I know I am systematically opposed to type shouting, but this was six months ago and I am still so happy about it.  Naturally I bought a ton of it, and naturally I felt bad about how heavy it was when I had to ship it back to Vancouver, and naturally the resulting dress has a very  large skirt.  Lets face it, I am well aware that my love of circle skirts is the only thing between me and all out hipsterdom and I am going to cling to that fact like a fat guy clinging to the last bag of Cheetos.

I may still make a belt for it.  I am a sucker for a good belt and for some reason none of the fifty-something I already own seem to work.  Ah first-world problems.  I think this will be my new ‘happy’ dress.  You know that one thing you own that makes you forget all your problems and go twirling around a dirty subway station like it’s a meadow in the Alps?

Disclaimer: Absolutely no offense was meant to any fat guys or their Cheetos, I have myself at times been known to cling to snack foods with an unholy vice-like grip.  It was just a convenient simile.

A Bird on the Dress…

15 Nov

Here is my latest creation (It’s alive! It’s aliiiive! Raucousevil laughter). No more seriously though, it’s chickens. And roosters.  Here is a close-up.

This is correct; not only do I own a dress festooned with poultry, I went to thetrouble of making it myself. This somehow seems worse to me. It is one thing to purchase a poultry garment on an impulse. Sometime let me introduce you to my camouflage,leopard print, bustier, bubble skirted, mini dress that I bought at Forever 21at 1am. And also, Forever 21 we need to chat because do you why other stores are not open until 2am? So people don’t get drunk, wander into Times Square and purchase things they will later come to regret. Or do you know this already? Is that why  I can always find something I want in the ‘inexplicably weird stuff section’ because that section was created specifically for the sloshed? I will
learn your secrets, Forever 21, mark my words.  Anyway, what was I talking about? Right, poultry. I love this dress. I think this is the first thing I have made in a really long time that I have been completely happy with. Not that it’s perfect, it’s just so me. And I really like this pattern, so get ready to see many versions of this dress. The next one will be black sale Halloween fabric with glow-in-the-dark eyes. And yes, people stare at me on the Skytrain, and no, it doesn’t bother me.

And now a completely unrelated picture of my cat, Furnando.

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In Which the World/ a Large Swedish Furniture Retailer Conspire Against Me

1 Nov

So every once in a while, when I have something else to do that is much more important, I check out the Ikea website to see if they have any new and awesome fabric.  Yesterday I found this.

How many eons have I wanted old fashioned sailing ship fabric?  And it’s $8.99 a meter, and 60″ wide, and it’s a neutral color and being upholstery fabric perfect to make a new bag.  Good day for Tassie right?  No.  It’s not available in the lower mainland, or online, and no one is selling it on Ebay.  Or Etsy.  Oh Ikea, why must you mock me with your fabricy perfection.  I thought we were friends, I thought after all of those years of treating me to $2 breakfast, awesome meatball platters, happy Scandinavian prints at affordable prices, that you cared for me.  Why hast thou forsaken me?  Fall to knees, shake fist at setting sun.  Ok that’s out of my system.  Look, Doors!

Oh Ikea, I can’t be mad at you.