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Upcoming Projects/ Opportunities for Disaster

12 Sep

Plans for Immediate Future:

1) finish blog post

2) get drink of water

3) stare longingly into cupboard hoping for fat free Oreos to materialize

4) admit defeat on Oreo front

Plans for A Little Later Today

1) Ridiculous motorcycle fabric sixties dress!

I should have put something in the picture for reference, but the wheels on the motorcycles are about the size of a toonie.  And no, I shall not translate that, if you don’t know what a toonie is take this as an opportunity to learn something about Canada today and google it.  And yes, those are hot pink and orange Harley Davidsons.   I am making a sixties style shift dress, which if it turns out to be ONAD (Offically Not A Disaster) I wil be very excited to wear.  The fabric is quite fragile though (thrift store purchase) and in order to have the motorcycles riding flat on the ground and not perpetually popping a wheelie I had to do the whole thing on the bias, and am  now having to go back and interface the whole top with all the darts alrady sewn.  Noise of discontent.

I am also working on finally doing something with this lobster fabric I made last year.  I am planning a little skirt with a navy blue waistband and anchor buttons.  If it works out I will do  up a few more to sell.

I don’t know what it is I like so much about lobsters.  It’s probaly some weird combinations of my nautical background and my deep adoration for Elsa Sci, Salvador Dali, or any combination of the two.


Outfit of the Day

12 Sep

I made this dress years ago, in fact I think it was the first thing I ever made that was Offically Not A Disaster.  I am positivly shocked that it still fits me, but I do love me some stripes.  Thanks to the nice soup purveyor who complimented me on it, you made my day! I should mention that the flower is a hair clip (not part of the dress) and the straps belong to my undergarment (again not the dress).  Apologies for what apears to be a millenia of grime on my mirror.  I just couldn’t be bothered to go upstairs, clean the mirror, and take another picture.  ( I have thusfar had a very taxing day of sitting around/ eating soup.)

More Nature

8 Sep

So apparently my uncle was working in the yard and found this weird looking leaf and thought to himself ‘you know who likes weird looking things?’  It’s me.  I like weird looking things.

Wouldn’t this make cool fabric though?

Why must Spoonflower always elude my budget?  I swear when I am a billionaire (or have any type of steady employment) I am going to make this into fabric.  Shake fist in air against backdrop of setting sun.  Dramatic music.  Fade out.


1 Sep

Alas I have none.  A memorial should be erected in rememberance of all the leafy lives that have been lost under my care.  The most recent casualty was a pepper plant I bought for my dorm room because someone at a ‘Welcome to FIT’ seminar said it might help combat depression to have something alive around besides last week’s quesadilla.  Sure guy.  Soo not depression when your pet plant withers and dies during finals week and you have to sing it a funeral dirge down the hallway to the garbage chute.

I found a meter and half of this fabric at a thrift store.  I think it was supposed to be for outdoor furniture, but now it is for wearing with ballet flats.