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a beautiful pea-green boat

30 Jun

I discovered the most charming book today (see above).  Aristocratic owl meets pussycat from wrong side of tracks.  Society scoffs so they sail away and finally find acceptance in the land where the bong-trees grow.   I have always been a die-hard proponent of the Jan Brett version, it being an integral part of my childhood.  This is the version for grown-ups.  Now that we know life isn’t all friendly tropical fish all the time, but are still enchanted by fantastic illustrations and the thought of “sailing away for a year and a day”.    It is amazing to me how a story can be changed so drastically by different illustrations.  Now all I need is ‘The Illustrated Compendium of Runcible Spoons and What the Heck They Are’.  Do they sell this on Amazon?  Does anyone know?


the only way out is in

28 Jun

Herb gardens from Matchcarden.  I love the little bit of surrelism and that I wouldn’t have to mow the little lawns.  Perhaps I will live my whole life in apartments and just get a couple of these puppies.  My father is always extolling the virtues of suburbia, but the mower never starts properly and our back hedge is always full of all sorts of nasty buzzy items.  Plus I am allergic to nature.  Mo’ yard, mo’ problems if you ask me.

As with everything I see that I love I am trying to figure out how to translate this idea into clothing.  I would love to make something with little window box pockets.  A welt pocket in a bright color or with a wood pattern painted in it with flowers coming out of the top.  How to make the flowers look un-tacky remains to be seen.  Perhaps embroidery.  I could get away with a couple of beads if the rest of it wasn’t too flashy. 

Second post because I may be getting the hang of this

27 Jun

This is a rubber stamp I just bought on ebay.  I want to make a little 50’s style dress with a full skirt and have this be the border print at the hem.  Do we think I could find a raindrop stamp to do the bodice?  Or maybe it could be raining numbers like the Matrix?

Or perhaps a polka dot bodice would do the trick.  Either way I think this little guy is pretty cool.  He’s like a dejected steampunk Charlie Chaplin.  (Two concepts I am not sure have been formally introduced.)  I think he is either waiting for a thunderclap followed by torrential bininary rain, or is preparing to jump into the abyss, and float gracefully to the ground using his homemade, clockwork propelled, Mary Poppins lawsuit pending, umbrella mobile.  Perhaps he lives on the 26th floor of his apartment building and doesn’t want to bother waiting for the elevator because he is late to catch his bus in some paralell universe version of ‘Modern Times”.

Maybe it should be raining gears?

It Is Getting Really Quite Late

27 Jun

Hello Blogosphere, first of all I would like to open with this:

Mainly because it is awesome.  But also because it is awesome.

This blog is meant to document the random obsessions of a recently graduated fashion design student with no plan.  For life or for said blog.  Please enjoy responsibly.